Sponsorship Opportunities and Highlights

The Vet Fest sponsorship team will work with you and your organization’s marketing objectives to customize a program that addresses both your marketing and budget goals. Being part of this patriotic, inaugural event allows for ample opportunity to create a 360-degree action plan to tailor the brand experiences for you and your customers using the assets of the Vet Fest organization and festival programs alike. Shared media and advertising year round will also help promote your brand leading up to the event.  
Partnership Programming Opportunities
  • Sponsorship of Vet Fest programs and special events
  • Turnkey and customized programs, tailored for specific brand objectives
  • Hospitality packages
  • Original content platforms
  • Advertising opportunities with Festival media partners and on VetFest141.org
  • Product integration and sampling
  • Brand Activation opportunities at Vet Fest village , and VIP areas
  • Festival Information
Vet Fest festival event expects to draw 7000 visitors/day, over 50% in attendance will be veterans - some of the most brand-loyal consumers around. Top National and Local acts over the multi-day Vet Fest festival event will include a spectrum of genres of Music where your brand will shine. When sponsoring a Non Profit organization, a popular question is “ Who is benefiting from my donation and Sponsorship ?” The unique patent pending structure of Vet Fest Foundation 141 concept gives you peace of mind, when looking at the visitors you have comfort in knowing that at least 50% in attendance were given a free entry ticket to the Vet Fest event, which was made possible thru your generous donation or sponsorship.
Where does the money go ?
For each concert ticket purchased we give a concert TICKET away for FREE to Military , Police and Fire Dept. There is a cost , we have to pay for the costs of bringing in the artists and giving half of the house away for free, we need financial support to help produce the concert event , the donations go to help offset those costs.
We also give to Folds of Honor , Wounded Warriors , R.I.P. Medical debt , Chicago Food Pantry , Local food Pantry, Local School Districts , Free Christmas Trees and Free Steak dinners.
We have another program called , Buy One For A Vet , this is a tab , when donations come in , we run a tab . That tab allows a qualified free Concert Ticket Recipient to a FREE beverage and a burger ( Depending on the amenities at the Venue ) . Effectively , a qualified recipient can attend the Concert for free and have a beverage and burger for free.
Vet Fest It’s a Concert series to Honor those who serve, it’s Our way of saying “THANK YOU”.

“Honoring our Veterans through the power of Music”

Contact Sponsorship Team - chrisskilnik@vetfest141.org
Chris Skilnik - Sponsorship Team Manager
Tel : 708-705-2469