EVENT FOUNDER – Franki Fioretti

Frank Fioretti is a native Chicagoan with 40 years in the hospitality industry under his belt. Many nightclubs, restaurants and neighborhood hangouts in Chicagoland have been touched by Franki’s ability to make guests feel like royalty. His kindness and altruistic nature are continually demonstrated in his unselfish approach to life. Volunteering to cook for church events, feeding the homeless and participating in Toys for Tots are a few of the many ways that Franki shows his genuine concern for the well being of others. Franki was elected “Man of The Year” of The Fairy Godmother Foundation for the services and time he provided to them over the years. The Chicago based foundation’s work was to grant important wishes to terminally ill adults.

The American flag always flew high at the Fioretti house while growing up on Chicago’s south side. For Frank’s Italian immigrant father (Frank), being an American was an honor and a dream come true. Mr. Fioretti served as a U.S. Marine in World War II, battling on the front lines in the Marianas Islands. He was awarded a Purple Heart as a wounded warrior. This has been long treasured by the family. Franki’s grandfather, Joseph, born in Italy, fought for the U.S. in World War I, earning automatic U.S. citizenship for the entire family, who later journeyed across the Atlantic ocean to behold the Statue of Liberty in 1936. Patriotism was a strong and solid foundation of the family and continues to this day.

Franki is enthusiastic about the organization of Vet Fest and truly inspired by the dedication and commitment of our country’s past and present members of the military. He is devoted to the planning and success of the inaugural event and looking forward to a fresh and exciting tribute to our nation’s veterans. He envisions an unforgettable event that will fill us all with pride, happiness and promise.